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Ron is a Glendale native, growing up in Northwest Glendale and attending Jefferson, Toll and Hoover schools. Ron’s career took him to New England in 1998, where his family has roots going back 11 generations to the founding of the colonies. Ron lived in a restored 1820 New England Colonial farmhouse, and was actively involved with his partner in the restoration of the barns on the property in Vermont. Being away from Glendale for several decades, and in New England particularly, has given Ron a renewed love and appreciation for the unique historic integrity of our neighborhoods, and the urgency to address issues that threaten these qualities. Since returning to his hometown, Ron became a founding member of TGHS’s Preservation Advocacy Committee, and has a strong passion for the adaptive reuse of Glendale’s historic architecture. He currently lives in the same 1934 Spanish Colonial Revival house his family has owned since 1964. Ron was elected to the Board of Directors in 2014.